HELP!!Type the correct answer in each box. Round the vector’s magnitude to the nearest tenth.Vector u has its initial point at (14, -6) and its terminal point at (-4, 7). Write the component form of u and find its magnitude.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Component form of u is (-18,13)The magnitude of u is 22.2Step-by-step explanation:The component form of a vector is an ordered pair that describe the change is x and y valuesThis is mathematically expressed as (Δx,Δy) where Δx=x₂-x₁ and Δy=y₂-y₁Given ;Initial points of the vector as (14,-6)Terminal point of the vector as (-4,7)Here x₁=14,x₂=-4, y₁=-6 ,y₂=7The component form of the vector u is (-4-14,7--6) =(-18,13)Finding Magnitude of the vector║u=√(x₂-x₁)²+(y₂-y₁)² ║u=√-18²+13²║u=√324+169║u=√493║u=22.2